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White Label DSP for programmatic media buying

Get an effective advertising tool for media buying without paying any middleman fees.

Access multiple traffic sources through one DSP & leverage your mobile traffic acquisition strategy
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Reach the most convertible mobile audience with White Label DSP

Get a fully customized solution for advanced mobile media buying and minimize expenses when acquiring the most relevant users.

Stop paying high fees to ad networks, put your marketing budget towards buying quality traffic directly, and get ultimate control over your media buying
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Discover the benefits
of your own White Label DSP

  • Mediabuying with no middleman Run performance-based mobile ad campaigns directly from your account, without paying fees to ad agencies or middlemen
  • Integration with top SSPs Connect directly to the best-performing SSPs including AdMob, Facebook, Mopub, AdColony, Unity and many more
  • Instant traffic boost Get unlimited access to the top-quality traffic from Epom Ad Exchange & expand your media reach. Buy traffic in no time, without waiting for other SSP integration
  • Fully customizable DSP Enjoy a fully customized demand-side platform for your programmatic media buying & also automatic optimization
  • Minimum media buying fee Get the most features from the White Label DSP for mobile programmatic advertising with only a 5% fee
  • 100% mediabuying transparency Maintain ultimate control over your advertising: keep all SSP traffic sources in your White Label DSP account
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