White Label DSP
for Ad Networks

Connect to multiple SSPs, increase your traffic volume and optimize your campaign through a single platform

Tired of non-transparent media buying?

White Label DSP gives you unprecedented transparency and full control of programmatic advertising

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Add value to your existing solution

Save tens of thousands of dollars on building your own bidder and months of development and engineering.

Supporting major platform inventory types

Epom Bidder supports all supply-side platform standards: RTB 2.3, In-app, Display, and VPAID.

Traffic Quality & Malware Scanning

Forensiq protects advertisers from paying for fraudulent traffic and increases your inventory value.

How it works

After registration, we contact you to clarify the details
Setup ad campaigns and connect its URLs to SSPs
Enjoy the instant increase in targeted traffic

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Our team

We are aimed at making your programmatic advertising easy

Dmitry Chebakov Sergei Shchelkov Anton Ruin

Anton Ruin


Sales Executive

Product Manager

Anton Ruin CEO
Sergei Shchelkov Sales ExEcutive
Dmitry Chebakov Product manager

White Label DSP was a brainchild of Sergei Shchelkov, Anton Ruin and Dmitry Chebakov, the online advertising experts with the solid background in media buying. They wanted to help ad networks expand their display capabilities without fear of being outgunned.

Instead of following the well–trodden path, they found more efficient (and cheaper!) way to multiple clients' ad revenue. As true geeks, they created White Label DSP for ad tech companies to save time & money on in-house solution development.


How long does the integration usually take?

If you want to integrate an SSP, you'll get a personal endpoint within a minute to make all the necessary arrangements. If you want to integrate a full-stack DSP solution - it will take from 3 to 7 business days depending on the complexity of your project. If you have any specific requirements &ndash drop us a line at support@epom.com

Do you have any setup fees?

No, our dedicated team assists you with the setup and quickly deals with all the issues that might ever appear FOR FREE. We charge only 5% revenue share with min. $1000 commitment with no hidden costs & unpleasant surprises.

Why should I choose you?

Our DSP helps you eliminating multiple publishers by buying directly from ad exchanges, using deep audience targeting to reach customers.

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