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Our white goes black! Try Epom white-label technology and build your own DSP with a 75% discount from a regular price.
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6 Breakthrough PROS of a White-Label DSP

Unite all advertising in one place
Track performance stats in a single dashboard
Save time on optimization: embrace smart algorithms
Avoid paying fees to middlemen
Stop fighting your own bids in multiple DSPs
Customize your interface and manage your client accounts
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New Epom DSP 5.0 is a pure blast. They provided us with all we needed from the tech side to bring our advertising in-house. Usually, it takes years. We’ve managed in two weeks.


Better Algorithms Better Performance

Bidding Rules

Don’t pay a cent for the underperforming traffic. Automate your KPIs, avoid manual ad management and optimization in a revamped interface.

Suppression Lists

Bid only on users with the highest install/purchase intent. Upload the encoded client’s and lead’s ID’s and exclude them from the targeting lists.

Platform Ownership

You’re not just a user — you’re an owner! Get unlimited opportunities for interface revamp. Give out accounts to your clients with customized features.

CPC Bidding

Pay for a click instead of just a view — relevant limits and analytics functionality are included. Run powerful user acquisition campaigns and drive more conversions.

Geofencing Targeting

Step beyond country and city targeting. Capture an audience based on their real-time geolocation up to a 100-meter radius and send hyper-relevant offers.

Upgraded Analytics

See the real name of each traffic source and enjoy 100% transparency. Access automated, real-time performance tracking along with lifetime analytics.
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$500* $2000 Get Discount *Discount applies for the first 3 months