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Match the platform with your brand identity, buy from 50+ premium SSPs, and become a traffic provider yourself!

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5 Breakthrough Pros of Epom
White-Label DSP

Test premium traffic and our coolest assets to refine your programmatic strategy.

1. All traffic you need at once

Buy from 50+ premium sources and unite all your display campaigns in one platform. Grow and add custom SSPs.

2. Re-brandable platform

Match the platform with your identity. Add a custom logo, domain, and paint the dashboard in your brand colors.

3. Advertising business scale-up

Let your clients bid on your traffic and win by setting a margin. Restrict their access to specific features, ad formats, or metrics.

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4. Development on request

Let’s create your dream algorithm together! Trust your innovation to the seasoned ad tech leaders with ten years of experience.

5. Caring tech support

Get prompt human assistance on complex tech issues. Conquer your peak with not just a safety net but a personal guide.

Better Algorithms Better Performance

While everyone’s on vacation, step ahead of your competition with a potent RTB bidder.

Set your own rules

Don’t spend a cent for underperforming traffic with bidding autopilot. Set bidding rules for your campaigns and automate KPIs.

Pay for a click

Pay for a click instead of just a view. Run powerful user acquisition campaigns on a CPC basis and drive more conversions.

Unleash creativity

Test and serve top formats designed for RTB. Provide a varied ad experience with native, interstitial, push, video, and more.

[Re]target like a sniper

Reach your audience with 25+ default parameters or use the publishers’ data to create custom. Retarget to get them back.

Blacklist unwanted

Only bid on users with the highest purchase intent. Upload leads’ IDs and exclude them from the targeting lists.

Optimize in real-time

Adjust your campaigns according to detailed analytics for 40+ metrics, including advanced reporting for video traffic.

Once I Score My Deal, What Happens Next?

Our team will walk you through the platform and help set everything up.


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